Three-zone Elastic Lumbar Support and 4D Headrest


Adjustable Headrest and Armrest


T-Shape Support System


Adjustable Lumbar Support and Height


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Three pains caused by sitting for a long time, just adjust them

HBADA is dedicated to research in cutting-edge technology and ergonomics. We aim to provide global users with professional, health-focused products and solutions that adhere to ergonomic design principles, utilizing innovative technologies and materials to address suboptimal physical well-being.

HBADA Technology Laboratory

1000W+ Users

Exported to 30+ countries in North America, Europe and Japan, selected by 1000W+ users worldwide

T-shaped Support System

By supporting [neck-waist-shoulder], it can solve the physical discomfort caused by the "three pains caused by sitting for a long time"

HBADA is dedicated to offering globally users professional, health-focused products and solutions that enhance ergonomic design and address suboptimal physical well-being.

Professional testing

  • 120,000 times chair wheel durability test
  • 120,000 times chair back recline test
  • 60,000 handrail durability tests
  • 120,000 times pneumatic rod lift durability test
  • 120,000 rotation fatigue tests

HBADA Ergonomics Design and Research

Hbada means black and white tone in English, is a professional office furniture supplier and centers on black and white tone design.Inherited from Minimalism Style, Hbada specializes in environment-friendly, stylish, minimalism and comfortable Ergonomic Office Chair.


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HBADA Development History

As a globally recognized brand specializing in ergonomics-focused furniture, HBADA has consistently embraced the design principle of 'classic beauty' since its establishment in 2008. In alignment with the prevailing trend towards ergonomic solutions, HBADA incorporates classic elements - black, white, and gray - in its product design and development. These products are characterized by their modern, minimalist, eco-friendly, and cost-effective attributes, effectively striking a harmonious balance between aesthetics and practicality in the modern lifestyle.

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Co-creation of medical research, The technology of Hbada ergonomic Chair

Co-creation of medical research, The technology of Hbada ergonomic Chair

With the rapid development of social productivity, more and more functional workers maintain a long-term sitting position daily. The "sedentary family" has become an inseparable part of society. Wi...

Hbada---Help users enjoy a healthy life

Hbada---Help users enjoy a healthy life

Hbada advocates "user-centered" and "continuous efforts for human health." Excellent brand values are essential to why Liu Tao is willing to cooperate with him. The E3 series of products have been ...

Hbada New Ergonomic Chair---E3

Hbada New Ergonomic Chair---E3

Hbada attitude towards each generation of ergonomic chairs is to get rid of the trash, take the essence, and carry out research and development simultaneously. The R&D department of Hbada, in a...

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