HBADA Butterfly Bürostuhl, Schwarz

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HBADA Butterfly Bürostuhl, SchwarzHBADA Butterfly Bürostuhl, GrauHBADA Butterfly Bürostuhl, Weiß


HBADA J3 Bürostuhl

Ergonomischer Bürostuhl

Hbada office chair adopts ergonomic design, the desk chair fully supports the right side, waist, hip, elbow. The ergonomic C-shaped office chair back fits the back at all times, supports the pressure on the spine, and does not feel tired after sitting for a long time. Ergonomic chairs can improve your sitting posture and bring comfort to your office chair during busy work.

Komfortabel und atmungsaktiv

This office chair cushion consists of a 3.14-inch thickened sponge cushion, an inner layer of solid wood wrapping, and an outer layer of high-elastic and breathable mesh. The high resilience of the sponge cushion is not easy to collapse, and the sitting feeling is as comfortable as a sofa. The desk chair breathable cushion prevents sweating after sitting for a long time. The soft and elastic cushion can relieve fatigue and give you long-lasting comfort and support.


The mesh office chair is equipped with adjustable armrests. The armrests are wrapped in comfortable mesh and sponge, and the soft wrapping can reduce the pressure on the elbows. The armrest can be flipped up 90 degrees, can save one square meter by gently lifting it up. The office chair design of the flipped armrest can easily change the distance between you and the desk, saving space to the greatest extent. It can be used in living rooms, study rooms, and conferences room etc.

Customer Reviews

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Great chair

I was hesitant to buy this chair at first but now I’m very happy that I did, it’s super comfortable and perfect for long time use. I have had it for about two weeks now and my back feels so much better resting on this chair, the armrests are super comfortable too! I was also hesitant to buy from the official website but it was worth it rather than paying extra shipping in Amazon.

Karina Vasileva

HBADA Butterfly Office Chair-Black


This chair is exactly as advertised. It’s stylish, comfortable, functional and is VERY easy to assemble. Great value for the money.

Marco Messina
still need to mount it

but i'm sure it will be perfect!

Javier Arricaberri
Good choice

Very confortable and good materials, good choice.